How To Build a Construction Company Website

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Many construction-related companies are building a service website to make their presence online. To compete in the online market, it is necessary to have a highly functional professional website. 

A highly functional website helps your customers to browse through your service, visit your portfolio, and contact you without visiting the physical address. 

Your website must be able to beautifully present everything that a customer needs as well as generate more leads/sales.

But building a construction company website is not easy for all. 

In this blog post, I will help you to create a WordPress website including all the essential elements for your construction company. 

Essential Elements of a Construction Company Website

If you include the following elements on your construction company website then surely it will give a professional look on your website and boost your online presence. 

Beautifully Presented Images

construction images

Images are the most essential elements for any kind of website. Images attract the customer’s attention toward your service or portfolio page. 

If your portfolio page doesn’t have high-quality images then adding a portfolio section will be worthless. Adding relevant graphic elements on images gives a short quick summary of your work & services.

Adding attractive images on your portfolio, service, testimonials, blog section can make your customers excited to explore more.


portfolio of construction company website
Handel Construction

Everyone does deep research & analysis before choosing a construction service. People seem to purchase construction services after analyzing previous works.

That’s why it is necessary to include a portfolio section on your construction company website. It also gives your visitors more reasons to choose your service. 

Highlight your Services

highlight your construction company services
Handel Construction

If you are selling your construction services through your website then it is highly recommended to highlight a detailed list of your services. On the homepage of your website, you need to create a section to highlight your services. To give in-depth information about your services, create an inner-page for every single service.

About Us Page

about us page in construction company website
Handel Construction

People visiting your website will turn into customers only if there is a reason to trust your company’s service. Creating an impressive ‘About Us‘ page is the best way to create a trustworthy environment on your website.  

There are many things to include in an ‘About Us’ page but the most important things that a construction business website should never miss are the details of your company, your expertise, and team members info.

Contact Page

contact us page in construction company website
Handel Construction

Once you attract visitors with your service & portfolio, it is necessary to have a contact page on your website. Through the contact page, visitors can send a message inquiring about additional information about your company or order your services.

On your contact us page, you must include a contact form, map, and phone numbers to build a clear communication system on your website.


testimonials in construction company website
Handel Construction

Highlighting feedback from the past customers can help to develop trust with new customers. It is best to highlight customer testimonials in the landing page or homepage of your website.


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build a strong brand by providing relevant and useful content to your visitors.  Blogging is the cheapest way to drive traffic and send quality leads to your website.

If you can create valuable content, search engines will start sending more targeted visitors and potential customers to your website.  

That’s why it is necessary to create a blog page on your website to build brand awareness. 

That’s All…………

After discussing essential elements of a construction company website, it’s time to jump toward how actually you should create a website for your construction company that has all essential elements. 

Guide on How to Create a Construction Company Website

1. Choose a Platform

choose a platform for your construction company website

The first step to build any kind of business or blog website is to choose a platform on which you will develop and run your website. 

There are several CMS and web frameworks available but choosing one of them depends on your budget and objectives. So, make sure whether a platform meets all your objectives. 

However, if you want to create a website for your construction company with low investment, ease & comfort, and in little time then it is best to choose WordPress. WordPress is a powerful Content Management System where you can find various themes & plugins for your website. By using the content publishing feature of WordPress, you can create SEO-optimized content and update or delete it at any time. 

2. Buy a Domain

While making your business online, another most important step is to choose a domain that easily reflects your brand. It is best to choose & purchase a domain name that is relevant to the name of your company. 

You can purchase a domain name from top domain name provider companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Namecheap. Some domain registrars also offer free domain if you purchase a hosting plan. 

3. Purchase Hosting Service

Once you completed the above steps, it’s time to purchase a hosting service where all your website files including images, videos, content will be stored safely.  

You can purchase hosting service from any reliable and trustable hosting companies. If you have already bought a domain, you can connect it to a hosting service by updating the nameserver.

If you want a website that is secured and loads faster then you should go for a VPS hosting than shared hosting.  

In shared hosting, you will be sharing a server and its resources with other websites. Shared hosting is cheaper but you don’t get ultra-fast loading speeds and security. Whereas in VPS hosting, you will get your own virtual dedicated server. VPS hosting is expensive but you get ultra-fast loading speeds, greater level of control and you don’t need to share the server resources with other websites. 

4. Install WordPress

When you purchase a hosting service and connect your domain to it, you can install WordPress software. Every hosting service comes with a built-in WordPress installation feature so that you can install WordPress within a few clicks easily. 

While installing WordPress on the server, database tables will be automatically created. 

5. Select a Theme for your Website

Selecting a suitable theme for your construction company website is the most important step. 

You need a professional highly-functional theme that loads faster and includes all the essential elements necessary for a construction company website. Additionally, a theme must be easy to customize because you have to create your own unique presence on the online market. 

Here is our another blog post where you can find the 10+ Best Construction Company WordPress Themes. From the previous experience of reviewing construction company themes, I would like to recommend you to choose Handel Construction Theme

handel construction theme
Handel Construction

Handel construction is built with a codeless builder and codeless framework. It provides all the features that you need in promoting and running your construction or building business online. It includes all the major features that a construction company website requires. Some of them are listed below:

  • Tabbed Featured Works (Portfolio) Section
  • Section to showcase the services that your company offers
  • Testimonials Section

6. Customize your Website

After installing a theme on your WordPress website, you need to upload the logo of your company, customize the menu, include contact information, highlight your services, delete demo-content and start creating your own content.

You can take the help of documentation of the theme while customizing. 


So, these are the steps to create a construction company website with WordPress. 

Having a professional highly-functional website is not only enough to defeat your competitors, you must implement digital marketing strategies as well. 

After creating a construction company website with WordPress, it is necessary to secure your website and protect the files. So, if you are serious about your website security, check out this guide 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Website.

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