10 Best WordPress SMS Plugins To Reach Your Customers

In digital marketing, you can use various options to connect and reach your customers. Email and social media are two most popular methods but are not effective as SMS marketing.

With SMS marketing, you can reach your customers immediately whereas in email and social media there are different barriers. Spam folders in email and ability to hide activity on social media can reduce reach of your campaigns

If you’re running an online business or e-commerce site on WordPress platform, you can use SMS plugins to reach your customers. You can send text messages to your subscribers regarding e-commerce orders, product delivery progress, new posts and more with a single click.

In this post, I have reviewed and listed 10 best WordPress SMS marketing plugins. Here you’ll also learn how to enable SMS notification on WordPress website using a plugin.

So let’s get started.

How to Send Text Messages with WordPress SMS Plugins?

To send SMS from your WordPress website, first you need to collect the user’s phone numbers. You could add a phone number field to your contact form  or WooCommerce checkout page.

Once you start building a phone number list, you can send links, confirmation & text messages, e-commerce orders using a WordPress SMS plugin.

To deliver text messages to the inbox of your user’s phones, you must integrate a SMS gateway. Every plugin offers you SMS gateways. You can easily integrate SMS gateway in plugin entering an API key (i.e., provided by SMS gateway company).

The Benefits of installing a WordPress plugin for SMS marketing

The result of some studies shows that SMS has 98% open rate whereas email has only 22%. The response rate of SMS is 45% and, on the other hand, emails get only 6%. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent.

To send text messages to your subscriber, you’ll need a plugin. A WordPress SMS plugin can provide you following benefits:

  • Get your users’ mobile numbers when they subscribe to your newsletters or fill up a form.
  • Easy integration with Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, GravityForms, and more.
  • Support different SMS gateways.
  • Tracking and analytics in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Send SMS to subscribers with a single click.
  • Send links to your latest post using tags.

10 WordPress SMS Marketing Plugins in 2021

Here is the list of 10 SMS marketing plugins with features, but you should choose the best one that fulfills your needs. 


WP SMS Plugin

WP SMS is a free SMS plugin that allows you to send text messages to subscribers and get their attention to your latest post or products. You can start collecting phone numbers by integrating it with form builder plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital.

It supports more than 180 SMS gateways. You just need to have an account to integrate SMS gateway with WP SMS

Following are some of the most popular SMS gateways supported by WP SMS:

  • Twilio.com
  • Plivo.com
  • Clickatell.com
  • Bulksms.com
  • Infobip.com
  • Nexmo.com
  • Clockworksms.com

Watch how you can send SMS with WP SMS plugin. 

If you want to access more features of WP SMS, you can go with the pro package. In the premium WP SMS plugin, the most popular SMS gateways are supported, sending user registration verification codes is also supported. You can add a mobile number field to the WooCommerce checkout page, and send SMS to users when a new product is added. 

Buy WP SMS Pro For $15

2. Formidable Forms with Twilio SMS Add-On

Formidable Form Plugin with Twilio SMS Add-ON

To send SMS from WordPress website basically you need two major tools: a form to collect phone numbers and a SMS gateway. Formidable Forms plugin can help you to do that with it’s Twilio SMS gateway add-on.

Formidable Forms is an advanced form builder plugin which helps you to create WordPress forms and collect data. To send SMS using Formidable Forms Twilio add-on, you need to create an account and retrieve an API key (Application Programming Interface). 

Integrating Twilio API key in Formidable Forms, you can send texts to subscribers whose phone numbers you’ve collected through form. 

Twilio SMS gateway add-on is available in Formidable Forms Pro Business Plan which costs $199 per year. Twilio is based on a pay-as-you-go model that means you’ll need to pay what you use. You can start at $0.0075 to send or receive a text message using Twilio programmable SMS feature.  

 Buy Formidable Forms at $199

3. Joy Of Text – SMS Messaging for WordPress

Joy Of Text is a WordPress SMS messaging plugin that provides a great way of connecting with your customers, subscribers or members. It allows you to send SMS, MMS, text-to-voice, or audio message. It supports Twilio SMS gateway.

Joy Of Text SMS Plugin

To send SMS using the Joy Of Text plugin you’ll need: 

  • a Twilio Account, 
  • Twilio Phone Number, 
  • unique Twilio Account SID, 
  • and Twilio Auth Token.

Free version of JOT plugin offers following features:

  • SMS & text-to-voice messages to individuals or a group.
  • Create a form that allows visitors to subscribe for SMS updates.
  • Send a welcome SMS message automatically to new subscribers.

You can start with JOT Lite plugin for free to send SMS to your subscribers by creating a subscription form. 

Pro version of JOT plugin offers following features:

  • SMS, MMS, text-to-voice, audio file messages to individuals or a group.
  • Receives incoming messages
  • Create one or more subscription forms using Gravity or built-in forms. 
  • Shows history of successfully sent or received SMS.
  • Replace your Twilio number with your brand or company name.
  • Integration with WooCommerce.

Buy JOT plugin  for $65

4. Twilio SMS Order Notifications for WooCommerce

In the E-Commerce industry, SMS notification is being so popular. You can make your customers happy sending information about their order status updates via SMS.  You can also send SMS to subscribers about new products.

WooCommerce has developed an extension which will help you to deliver accurate and timely text messages on customers’ phones. This extension supports Twilio SMS gateway. You can get started with this extension by adding your Twilio info to the extension settings page.

Key features of WooCommerce SMS extension are:

  • Add an SMS opt-in checkbox to your checkout page.
  • Send SMS for various order status updates like processing, completed, canceled, and refunded. 

Buy Twilio SMS Extension For $49

5. SMS Master

SMS Master plugin

SMS Master is a multi-purpose SMS plugin. It supports multiple SMS Gateways of USA, Europe, Africa, Brazil and India. Top SMS Gateways supported in this plugin are: Bulk SMS Gateway, text local, Bulk SMS Nigeria, Telerivet, MSG91, Africa’s Talking and Clickatell. 

It can be easily integrated with other plugins like School Management System, Hospital Management System, Apartment Management System and Gym Management System. 

You can get started with SMS Master by selecting a SMS Gateway and entering the necessary credentials like API key, username, and productID.

SMS Master plugin settings page to integrate SMS Gateway

Buy SMS Master Plugin For $35

6. WooCommerce SMS Customer Notifications

WooCommerce SMS Plugin

It is another best WooCommerce SMS plugin to send product purchase updates to your customer via SMS. It includes 4 popular SMS Gateway APIs: ClickSend, Nexmo, Twilio and MessageBird. 

Most of the SMS Gateway companies offer a free trial, so you will be able to test the features before purchasing. You can also get a $5 free credit coupon when choosing ClickSend as your SMS Gateway. 

To get started with Woo SMS, first choose an SMS Gateway, then enter API Key. Next configure your text message, and you are ready to send order updates to your customers via SMS.  

With this plugin, you can send SMS in two ways: Automatic and Manual. 

  • Automatic : SMS will be delivered to customers based on order status. If you choose Processing as an order status then an SMS will be sent automatically. 
  • Manual : SMS will be delivered to customers based on manual action of admin or shop manager. 

It also shows you the real-time remaining balance of the chosen SMS Gateway. 

Buy WooSMS For $6

7. WPNotif

WP Notif SMS Plugin

WPNotif is a great tool to send SMS or WhatsApp message notifications from your WordPress website. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin and you can send purchase order updates to your customer. 

It also supports different SMS Gateways for different countries. It also detects and puts the country code in place automatically. You can choose an SMS Gateway or a combination of those based on your customer data. 

Other key features offered by WPNotif plugin: 

  • Supports 20+ SMS Gateways
  • Quick Send SMS (Manual)
  • Send SMS from Order Page
  • Full WooCommerce Support
  • Automatic WooCommerce Order Status Update Notification
  • Manually trigger order Status SMS
  • Supports Multi-Country

Buy WPNotif For $27

8. FairPlayer SMS Gateway

FairPlayer SMS Gateway Plugin

FairPlayer is the best WordPress SMS Gateway plugin that will convert your WordPress website into a top-tier SMS Gateway using your Android device.  You can use the WordPress website as a SAAS (software-as-a-service) and send messages using your phone.

To get started with FairPlayer, first, you need to install it’s SMS terminal on your Android device as well as you must have inserted a valid SIM card. Next, connect your phone to your WordPress website.

Once you configure the plugin successfully, you can send and receive SMS using only your Android device. You can send single and bulk SMS from your website both manually and programmatically.

FairPlayer settings page

Other key features of FairPlayer SMS Gateway Plugin:

  • Send single & bulk SMS.
  • Secure communication between your Android device and website.
  • Unlimited clients.
  • Unlimited terminals.

Buy FairPlayer Plugin For $31

9. YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

YITH SMS plugin

YITH is another best WooCommerce SMS plugin that will help you to send purchase order status updates to your customers. It supports several different SMS Gateways such as Twilio and Clockworks. 

Key features of YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications plugin:

  • Add an SMS opt-in checkbox to your checkout page.
  • 20 SMS Gateways Integrated.
  • Automatic and Manual SMS
  • Customize the text of automatic messages.
  • Show name and number of the sender.

Buy YITH Plugin WooCommerce SMS Notifications Plugin

10. WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin

It is a powerful WordPress bulk SMS marketing plugin. It is also integrated with WhatsApp so you can send messages to WhatsApp numbers. It supports popular SMS Gateways such as Twilio, Plivo and Nexmo. 

It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce plugin. Using this plugin, you will get an infinite autoresponder feature for your e-commerce website. It will notify admin and customers via SMS whenever order status is changed. 

Othery key features of this plugin are:

  • Campaigns Scheduling
  • Send SMS/MMS
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Available with What’sApp bulk SMS marketing feature
  • Trivia, Viral and Content Campaigns

Buy WordPress SMS Marketing Plugin For $27


SMS marketing is more powerful than sending emails and social media marketing. SMS marketing is the best way to capture your customer’s attention instantly

WordPress SMS marketing plugin makes your task easier by providing an easy interface with several different SMS Gateways integrated. You can start sending SMS to your customers by choosing your best SMS Gateway.   

Which plugin have you chosen?

FAQs : WordPress SMS Plugins

  1. How to send SMS from WordPress Website?

    You can send text messages from WordPress by installing a SMS plugin and choosing a right SMS Gateway service.

  2. How to send purchase order status updates via SMS?

    First, install WooSMS plugin, choose and integrate an SMS Gateway. Then you can send automatic and manual order status updates to your customer via SMS.

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